Sam Jones

Setting the build path for the correct JRE

I had a minor issue setting up the Eclipse IDE on my Mac for the first time today.

It is now the second year of my Computer Science degree, and we are starting a new ...

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Creating a git repo using curl

I just learned something new!

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Avoid polluting your live data on Mixpanel

Before I launched this blog, I implemented Mixpanel analytics into the base.html file. I then did a lot of tinkering with the theme and testing how it looked locally, as well as experimenting with ...

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University is not as bad as you think

I know a lot of programmers that think University is a big mistake and all it's good for is getting you into a blackhole of debt. I can kind of see where they are ...

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Fabric is great

Fabric is an awesome Python library that I tend to use when managing source code for websites locally, but it works great for managing tasks remotely also.

Fabric is a Python (2.5 or higher ...

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A good way to start managing your dotfiles

For some people, managing dotfiles is unorganised. I remember the first time I put my dotfiles under version control. I had the dotfiles in my home directory as usual, and then I had a folder ...

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