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I am an Undergraduate, B.Sc. Computer Science student that always strives for efficiency, and is not afraid of tackling a learning curve.


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You should be using CocoaPods

There are four key disadvantages to not using CocoaPods, arguably the best dependency manager for your iOS projects. Libraries take up space. Updating libraries can be time consuming. Updating a library will only take effect within that single project.

The future is Swift

Introducing Swift Swift brings a host of new opportunities to the table for any developer interested in developing for the Cocoa platform. Swift introduces many new features such as; closures, tuples, generics, some functional programming features and a lot more.

Larger screen size iOS design implications

Traditionally, user interface design (UI) for iOS devices has been straightforward. Since the inception of the iPhone, mobile designers and mobile developers have had a 3.5 inch screen to work with. Even with the launch of the iPhone 5 and it's 4 inch screen, designers could easily adapt to the change.

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